Simple Information On Handy Systems In How To Build A Shed Roof

Continue jacking different corners of the shed until you get all the pieces of roof sheeting in proper alignment and nailed in place. Next, you need to fit the roofing sheets. Lift the trusses off the ground and fit them on top of the wall plates, as in the image. Make sure the trusses are equally spaced, leaving about 24” on canter between them. This will make it harder for water to work its way under your shingles. You want the slope to be between 25 and 45 degrees. This shed shows both techniques. step 3 sets A STRING BETWEEN THE TWO END RAFTERS The third step is very simple but it is important to help you align all the other rafters. Each truss for your salt box shed consists of 3 pieces as illustrated above.

A Basic Breakdown Of Key Aspects For How To Build A Shed Roof

Snap chalk lines on the plywood deck, 3-1/2 in. from the edges of the platform, to indicate the inside edge of the walls. Cut them with a jigsaw. Continue below for no overhang. Use galvanized roofing nails to do this. Leave room to install vents so warm air can escape from the roof and help keep the structure cool. Also square the frame by making sure diagonal measurements from opposite corners are equal. Nail the sheeting to the fascia and end rafter. Note: Figures A and B along with Figures C through G can be downloaded and printed from Additional Information below. Here is a simple guide on how to build a shed roof. It comes in 4×8 sheets and is installed using 8d nails.


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